The Ebisu All Around frame.
Head tube detail.
Classic elegance in seat stay attachment. Note the beautiful braze-on brake cable hanger.
Star water bottle braze-on reinforcements.
An elegant feature: a rubber chainstay protector, available in five colors.
The classic flat fork crown features reinforcing tangs as well as a fender fitting. This makes mounting fenders much cleaner and stronger.

Following are early photos and text from the prototype stage of development:

59cm Ebisu Prototype. Production model will have 31.7mm downtube.
Bottom Bracket. We really wanted over-the-bottom-bracket cable routing, but could not find the castings...
Click on the image to get a better view of the flat fork crown.
Simple, no-nonsense lugs; but all investment cast. Top notch construction quality.
Real seat binder bolt. You won't see bmx-style collars on Ebisu bikes.
Check out the detail on the bridge...
Slanted dropouts for easy removal of the rear wheel. (With vertical dropouts you have to pull the derailleur out of the way.)
Note how the fork blade is curved so that the radius intersects the axle center—one of the details that make a more aesthetically pleasing bike.